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Durable | Comfortable | All Season

Durable | Comfortable | All Season

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Keeping Southern Maine Comfortable

Heating and cooling systems are taken for granted until they malfunction or stop altogether. The reason to call us is our experience. If hundreds of installations and upgrades matter, then, you count on us.   

Heating Systems

We install warm air, convection and radiant hydronic heating systems. Each system has advantages. Let's talk about them.

Warm Air Systems

Generally known as hot air systems, these installations move warm air from the furnace through ductwork. The warm air enters your home at strategically placed openings.  In a hi-velocty system warm air is distributed throughout your house using four-inch velocity ducts and the small six-inch registers are placed strategically for maximum comfort.

Convection and Radiant Hydronic Systems

These systems are commonly known as baseboard and radiator systems. Baseboard creates heat by using convection. Warm water is carried from the boiler through pipes in the baseboard. The warm air generated from the pipes passes through copper fin tubes, which surround the pipe and emit heat.  

On the other hand, radiant heat passes through cold air and converts to heat when it comes into contact with your body or some large mass. Radiators, structural radiant heat systems and wall hung gas boilers configured with radiant emitters are radiant heating systems. Generally, people find radiant heat is a more comfortable heat.

Wall Hung Boilers

As more and more wall-hung boilers are being installed here are things to consider:

  • High quality stainless steel wall hung boilers provide efficiency and longevity when maintained properly
  • Cold start, On-Demand approach will provide greater efficiency because standby loss is minimized.
  • Annual water quality analysis is critical to the proper operation of wall-hung boilers

Cooling Systems

We have cooling options that are reliable and efficient. Depending on your needs, we can install either a conventional ducted system or a mini-split system. No matter the size, space or utility we can solve your ventilation and air conditioning need.  We've installed hundreds of commercial and residential cooling systems including restaurants, hotels and residences.  

We'd be happy to meet with you to walk the site and determine what options would work best for your situation. Call us at 207-284-6257 to arrange a day and time to meet.

Licensed to Install 

We are licensed to install oil, natural gas, propane and electric min-split heating/HVAC systems. 



  • Traditional boilers are either cast iron or steel and can be wired and piped in cold start or on demand approach which will give greater efficiency.